To Start Up a Chemical Activity

Are considering to start up a chemical business?

Then there are a dozens of significances to think about prior to starting up. In order to fulfil all the requirements the authorities have established you have to undertake some actions – some of those directly and the rest ones later on.

Application to The Swedish Chemicals Agency

You have to immediately apply you activity to The Swedish Chemicals Agency.

Swedish Safety Data Sheets

Already by the time of the first delivery to your customer, you should be able to provide a Swedish safety data sheet. The customer should have the right information to be able to handle the product correctly and follow the advice on safety equipment. Safety data sheet should be provided to professional users. If you sell you products via a store, you should have an example of safety data sheet available for each product that required the latter. It seldom occurs that a Swedish safety data sheet issued abroad meet the national requirements. We know the rules. Please, let us help you and produce safety data sheets for you!

Swedish warning label

Is your product a subject for the labelling? Then, you should label it in Swedish with Swedish phrases. Compare those phrases with the information in the safety data sheet. They should match exactly! Pay attention that the consumer labelling contains a few more phrases! It is important when the product is to be retailed. Check up if the product requires tactile warning label (labelling for visually impaired) or child-resistant fastenings.

Application to The Swedish Poison Information Centre

To make possible for your customer to get advice from healthcare professionals by dialling 112, you should apply the product to the centre’s registry.

Application to The Classification & Labelling Registry

The substances your product contains should be applied to ECHA’s Classification and Labelling Registry within a month counting from the day you started selling the product.

Application to The Substance Registry according to REACH

If you purchase more than one tonne of any specific substance outside the EU, you should apply it to The European Chemicals Agency. If you purchase a few products with a similar composition of substances, you add up the substances which are identical. Exceeds the total amount one tonne, then the application should be filed.

Application to The Swedish Chemicals Agency’s Product Registry

A year after the first selling of chemicals took place, you should apply your products to the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s Product Registry. You have to contact the manufacturer in order to get the exact product formula which is to be forwarded to the authority for further registration of the product. Ask us for help! Oftenly the manufacturer is reluctant to disclose such information. We can become a link between the manufacturer and the supplier and with help of a Non-Disclosure Agreement get the required information.

For specific products specific rules are to be applied

Toxic or causes severe burns

Products classified with “Toxic” or “Can cause severe burns” must get authorisation from The County Administrative Board prior to selling. So, it is significant to apply for an authorisation before you start selling your products.

Biocidal Products & Plant Protection Products

Biocidal Products & Plant Protection Products also requires an authorisation from The National Swedish Chemicals Agency prior to selling.


Desinfectants requires special authorisation from The European Chemicals Agency, ECHA, before any selling can begin.


Laundry detergents & cleaning detergents intended for the consumers have to be supplied with medical information on your web page and a short description of the content on the package. Tensides in the product must be readily biodegradable.


If your product contains any thermoset, you are obliged to refer to the national legislation applicable for the thermoset in the product’s safety data sheet. Professional users have to undergo regular medical control.

Dangerous gods for transportation

The rule system is complicated and there are a few exceptions. Please contact your Safety Advisor or do not hesitate to call us and we help your with legal issues on transport.