Application and authorization procedures according to The Swedish Environmental Code

We help you with a complete application procedure or application for authorization of environmentally hazardous activity according to The Swedish Environmental Code. Amasis Konsult AB help also with application procedure for B- and C-activity.

Application to the Swedish Chemical Agency’s Product Register

Company which imports more than 100 kg of any chemical product per year is obliged to register the product at the Swedish Chemical Agency’s Product Register. Amasis Konsult AB help customers to apply for the registration. The complete formula of the particular preparation has to be indicated together with the application. Amasis Konsult AB sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the customer providing confidential information and apply the complete formula to the authority.

Application to The Swedish Poison information Centre

The Swedish Poison Information Centre gives round-o-clock advice in cases of acute poisonings in collaboration with stuff from Karolinska University Hospital in Solna. If the centre’s contact details are stated in a particular Safety Data Sheet, en application to the centre’s database has to be provided. Amasis Konsult AB file the application for you and collect required documentation for that purpose.

Application for Authorization on Biocidal Products & Plant Protection Products

All the biocidal products are the subject of authorisation prior to merchandising or other handling on the Swedish market. We take the responsibility to complete the required documentation for the application procedure for authorization of biocidal products and plant protection products to The Swedish Chemicals Agency or to The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

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