Safety Data Sheet & Warning Labels

Safety Data Sheet in Swedish

According to Swedish legislation, selling chemical preparations, containing one or more dangerous substances, requires the trading company to provide a Safety Data Sheet issued in Swedish language for every such preparation. Safety Data Sheet contains the information on health harmful and environmental properties of the preparation, effects the use of a particular product can implicate and also describes first aid actions. The content of a Safety Data Sheet governs by e.g. regulations and recommendations issued by different authorities, such as the Swedish Chemical Agency, the Swedish Work Environment Authority and others.

Amasis Konsult AB classify chemical substances and preparations and issue Safety Data Sheets in accordance with the Swedish Chemical Agency`s and other authorities’ legal regulations. We also perform a statutory Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) prior to issuing any particular Safety Data Sheet.

In the assessment we perform an analysis of the product in questions in order to identify the health and environmental hazards properties. Under the classification process we also make a research on toxicological and ecotoxicological values for each substance included in the product in order to estimate the classification as exact as possible. Later on the Chemical Safety Assessment lays the basis for the product’s Safety Data Sheet.

Safety Data Sheet for other countries

As concerns the content, the Safety Data Sheet has to follow the legal regulations issued by national authorities of the country the document is to be issued for. Amasis Konsult AB produce Safety Data Sheets for all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and also some European countries in accordance with the national legislation in each country.

Warning Labels

Hazardous chemicals must be labelled with text in Swedish to be eligible for selling in Sweden. Amasis Konsult AB produce original label prints for disposal in accordance with The Swedish Chemical Agency`s ordinances, warning texts and content with symbols/pictograms and other information, e.g. the customer’s logo or any other instructions for use.

Säkerhetsdatablad & varningsetiketter