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Tel 0705-42 56 74 Göran Perssons väg 39, 171 55 Solna

Amasis Konsult AB — qualified chemical consultants and safety advisors

About the CEO

Michael Rundin – CEO, founder of the company. Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and Environmental Protection, acquired from the Stockholm University. Approved Safety Advisor Lecturer. Has solid experience in chemical management regarding legislation, documentation, transport etc.

About the Company

The company was founded in 1995 and has since then been based in the Solna County. Today, after more than 22 years in the consulting business, the company has become a serious and competitive player on the market, delivering quality-assured and customer-tailored services. Amasis Konsult AB’s business concept is to offer qualified consulting services within the field of environmental care, chemical management and handling of dangerous goods. All employees in the company have academic degree within one of a few of our operational fields. We collaborate with specialised consultants across European countries. The secret is that we are passionate about what we do! Amasis Konsult AB has annual sales of approximately SEK 3 million. The company has good financial credentials.

Michael Rundin, Amasis Konsult

AAA (triple-A)

The company credit rated as AAA (triple-A) by Bisnode AB and seal Diamond at Upplysningscentralen (UC)

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